Winport AML Policy

Welcome to Winport Casino. This document outlines our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy, reflecting our commitment to detecting and preventing activities associated with money laundering and terrorist financing. By engaging with our platform, you agree to comply with the procedures detailed in this AML Policy.

Purpose of AML Policy

The primary purpose of our AML Policy at Winport is to establish controls and procedures to deter, detect, and report suspicious activities that could indicate money laundering or other illicit financial transactions. This policy aligns with international standards and regulatory requirements.

Risk-Based Approach

Winport employs a risk-based approach to AML, assessing the level of risk associated with each customer. Enhanced due diligence measures are applied to high-risk customers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their transactions and activities.

Customer Identification and Verification

To comply with AML regulations, Winport implements robust customer identification and verification processes. Users are required to provide accurate information during account creation, and additional documentation may be requested for identity verification.

Transaction Monitoring

Winport employs advanced transaction monitoring systems to detect unusual or suspicious patterns of activity. Unusual transactions are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action, including reporting to regulatory authorities, is taken when necessary.

Reporting Suspicious Transactions

Employees at Winport are trained to recognize and report any suspicious transactions promptly. We maintain open communication with relevant authorities, reporting any potential money laundering activities in compliance with applicable laws.

Record Keeping

Winport retains records of customer transactions and identification information for the required regulatory period. This information is securely stored and made available to regulatory authorities upon request.

Training and Awareness

Winport provides ongoing training to employees to ensure they remain vigilant and informed about the latest developments in AML regulations. Employees are educated on the importance of AML compliance and their role in preventing illicit financial activities.

Cooperation with Regulatory Authorities

Winport actively cooperates with regulatory authorities to share information related to AML efforts. We participate in initiatives aimed at combatting money laundering and adhere to regulatory guidelines and reporting requirements.

User Cooperation in AML Compliance

Users are expected to cooperate fully in the AML compliance process. This includes providing accurate information during the account creation process, responding to additional verification requests promptly, and reporting any suspicious activities.

Changes to AML Policy

Winport reserves the right to update this AML Policy to align with changes in legal requirements or our operational procedures. Users are advised to review this policy regularly to stay informed about our AML processes.


Winport Casino is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of AML compliance to ensure the integrity of our platform and the broader gaming industry. If you have any questions or concerns about our AML Policy, please contact our AML compliance team. Thank you for choosing Winport Casino.