57 Online poker Terms Plus Slang Terms You Need To Know

Poker Terms And Slang_

When you’ lso are a newbie poker participant then it’ s worth your money to holds with some slang and typical phrases in order to feel like a good insider.

Understanding it won’ t allow you to a better participant but a minimum of you’ lmost all be able to determine what others are referring to and will take pleasure in the game a lot more as a result.


ABC Online poker

A basic plus predictable technique where you simply play plus bet solid hands, plus fold the rest. Also known as actively playing by the guide.


“ Airball” or even “ airballing” is if a player is definitely bluffing along with complete “ air, ” meaning simply no actual hands and no reasonable chance of enhancing.

American Air carriers

A common title for wallet aces contained in the hand’ s diminuendo of “ AA. ”

Being the particular strongest turn in Texas Hold’ em, wallet aces have got several other nicknames, another typical one getting “ wallet rockets. ”

Ammo (Ammunition)

Refers to the player’ s i9000 chip collection. When you’ re away from ammo, it indicates you no longer have got chips.

You’ ll discover that a number of online poker slang conditions have been lent from the army.

Angle Capturing

When a participant intentionally attempts to take advantage of other people using strategies that aren’ t contrary to the rules yet are considered dishonest.

You’ lmost all usually discover this expression in the expression “ capturing an position. ” The would be a participant who conceals their huge chip denominations or inaccurately announces their particular hand in a showdown.

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Identifies a player’ s abilities and performs.

Someone using a big system is effective at pulling various plays with different instances to toss their competitors off plus take optimum advantage of a scenario.

The better you understand and realize all technique nuances plus various movements, the more system you have on the table.


Belly Buster

A common expression for a gunshot, also known as “ inside directly draw. ”

Refers to thee kind of directly draw where only 4 cards within the deck may be used to fill the particular gap and provide the player the made directly.

For example , when you have 98 upon A65, you do have a belly buster because only a single out of 4 7s could make your directly.

Big Window blind Special

Once the player within the big window blind wins the whole pot or the strong hands, usually simply because they were able to view the flop at no cost.

If you’ re keen on poker displays, you’ lmost all probably have got heard this particular phrase very often.

Big Advanced

Refers to Ace-King of any kind of suit – the hands you definitely wish to play.

AK also has plenty of popular brands starting with the particular initials, for example Anna Kournikova, Korean Air carriers, or AK-47 to name some.

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Occasionally used by online poker commentators to explain a situation where two or more gamers are going to get involved in an enormous pot.

Normally, this is a situation where many involved gamers have a huge hand or even a big pull, so it’ s most probably all potato chips will go to the middle, leading to several gamers being removed from the competition or getting their piles decimated.


Used to explain a credit card that doesn’ t finish any achievable draws and it is of simply no relevance to some current hands.


Smashing refers to shedding all of your potato chips or cash.

It can be used within a couple of various situations, for instance , you can be broken from the competition because you dropped all of your potato chips.

The same might be said regarding cash video games if you reduce all the cash and you can’ t refill anymore.

Additionally, it may refer to a scenario where a gamer loses their particular entire bank roll and has necessary to play online poker anymore, so that they are broken.



Describes the particular hole credit cards 74o, with all the suited edition sometimes known as “ Cambodian Slick”.

The phrase originates from Nyc cardrooms, yet there’ s i9000 no genuine explanation meant for where this got the name.


Used to explain a player who’ s already been getting treated good fingers for the entire program or a competition.

A “ cardrack” will most likely go on the heater, obtaining big wallet pairs, striking all of their attracts, and putting many gamers in the process.

Nick Dumping

The practice that’ s just found in online poker tournaments and it is when a single player deliberately loses to a different player in order to transfer potato chips from one collection to another.

Gamers can nick dump to get a variety of factors, but the most typical scenario is definitely when 2 players are usually colluding within a tournament and another of them builds up a big collection, allowing them to “ share” a selection of their wealth.

Nick dumping is definitely against the guidelines and can result in a competition suspension or maybe money confiscation if gamers get captured doing it.

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Clicking Control keys

Used to explain actions that will don’ capital t make sense and are also done simply for the benefit of doing some thing, mostly mentioning players who have don’ capital t understand what they’ re carrying out.

The term descends from    online poker   , but it’ s furthermore used in reside games nowadays.

Computer Hands

A moniker for the beginning hand Q7o.

Modern-day online poker relies seriously on mathematics and amounts. People have develop all sorts of computations, especially for the particular starting fingers.

Someone figured out that the hands Q7o was your worst rewarding starting hands with somewhat positive collateral against the random hands, which obtained dubbed “ computer hands. ”

Much cooler

Describes a scenario where each players possess a strong hands and no issue how they enjoy it, all their money will probably end up in the center of the pot.

The cooler is really a situation that will can’ capital t be prevented and winds up costing among the players lots of money.


The nickname meant for pocket nobleman (KK) that’ s utilized by both gamers and online poker commentators.

Poker Terms And Slang 3


When you’ re treated any mixture of pocket threes, you’ lso are dealt crabs.

The moniker likely arises from the fact the quantity three over the cards appears a bit just like a sideways crab.

Credit Card Roulette

A exercise used by gamers to determine who’ ll pay out the verify (dinner, beverages, etc . ). Everyone includes their charge card into a head wear or a container, and the fortunate winner reaches pay for everybody.

Although this particular isn’ capital t strictly the poker expression, you’ ve probably noticed it several times, especially if you want to tune in meant for streams plus podcasts associated with highs buy-ins players.

Occasionally you’ lmost all even listen to individual gamers complaining about working on the incorrect side associated with variance actively playing credit card roulette.


Junk Parton

Moniker for any beginning hand combination containing the 9 plus a 5.

Title originates from the particular famous music “ nine to 5” performed simply by Dolly Parton. You might also listen to it getting called the “ full-time job”.

It’ s much less common nowadays and is commonly used by a lot more seasoned gamers.


Describes someone who doesn’ t learn how to play properly.

Although there’ s simply no steadfast associated with a “ poker donkey” you’ lmost all probably this when you see this.


The term utilized to describe a gamer running badly and on the incorrect side associated with variance.

This originates from internet poker and the concept that online poker sites possess a certain “ switch” they could turn to make sure players earn or reduce more often.

Even though most gamers take this being a joke, several genuinely perform believe websites operate in this way to stop a person winning excessively.

It’ s i9000 only a misconception, so don’ t get worried.


Wallet deuces (twos) are often known as ducks, due to number 2’ s minor resemblance to some duck.

Filthy Stack

Identifies a nick stack which has a unique number of various denomination potato chips, all blended together.

It’ s good etiquette (and often a rule) to organize your own chips correctly in hemorrhoids, with the bigger denominations in front for additional players to find out.


Closed fist Pump

The motion utilized to celebrate successful a container or another optimistic outcome in a table.

It’ s turn out to be quite typical to make reference to other circumstances as well, for example “ fist-pump shove” – being happy to move all-in after your own opponent wagers into your creature.



The term “ gapper” can be used to describe gap cards which have the potential to produce straights (connectors).

The number of credit cards needed in the centre is the “ gap” if you have a hands like 5-7, you have a one-gapper (the six is missing).

A hands like 7-10 is a two-gapper, etc .


Describes the player’ s i9000 ability to adapt to different circumstances and find the very best play available on the spot.

This kind of player is definitely capable of moving gears since required, just like if they had been driving a car.


An diminuendo of a good game, usually used on-line to express appreciation for a good match.

It is also used actually to make enjoyable of less strong players or even when somebody makes a extremely bad enjoy.

Going Southern

When a participant “ will go south” within a poker online game, it means they will removed some of their potato chips from the desk in order to decrease their risk.

This is contrary to the rules in many games and can be known as an position shoot.

All of the money a person win needs to remain in perform until you choose to get up plus leave, therefore be sure to prevent “ heading south” – no matter what.

They would


In case you watch online poker training videos or even hand evaluations, you’ lmost all often run into the term “ hero. ” This is describes the player in whose hand has been reviewed or maybe the one you might be focusing on.

Higher Society

A collection of “ higher society” describes the collection of the maximum denomination potato chips available in the particular casino.

Even though the term is utilized by bettors in general, it had been made popular in online poker circles due to cult film   Rounders  .

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Hit Plus Run

This is how you decide to keep the game soon after successful a huge container or many banks within a row.

A few players make use of this to protect their own winnings yet it’ t considered dishonest behavior plus shouldn’ capital t be some thing you exercise a lot.


A player who will be being supported by another person to play within a certain competition or a money game.

The particular “ horse” provides their own skills as well as the backer offers part of or maybe the full buy-in. Any income are contributed as decided between each.


Fool End

Describes a directly (draw). Every time a player includes a draw to some straight where they can just make the cheapest straight achievable, with a number of options for larger straights, they may be said to be sketching to the fool end from the straight.



An additional name to get raising all-in, “ jam” describes a scenario where putting all your profit the middle of the whole pot.


Reside One

Just like a dope, poker gamers use the phrase “ reside one” to explain a player who’ s not so good from poker and it is therefore a simple target in the table.

The “ reside one” generally plays lots of hands, includes a reasonably large bankroll, plus doesn’ capital t mind dropping as long as they’ re having a good time.

Lodden Believes

The game associated with “ Lodden Thinks” has been popularized simply by high stakes gamers such as Antonio Esfandiari plus Phil Laak.

Although it is not related to poker, it’ s frequently used being an activity among hands.

Gamers will wager on what an additional player considers a certain subject.

The player whom plays fault “ Lodden” will jot down their solution, and other gamers will location their wagers. What makes the overall game fun would be that the answer doesn’ t need to be at all real.

It’ t about what additional players might believe, so it requires a certain level of psychology plus reading capabilities.



“ Muck” is another title for foldable.

However , mucking is mostly utilized to describe a scenario at a major where your own opponent displays a better hands than a person, so you choose to muck (fold) without displaying your holdings.



A phrase used to explain a game where all gamers are actively playing very firmly and carefully.

It generally has adverse connotations, being a “ nitfest” table offers very little enjoyable or exhilaration.


In the wonderful world of poker, you will find low plus medium buy-ins, there are high-stakes, and then you will find the nosebleeds.

The term is utilized to describe ultra-high stakes online games where large sums of money take the line constantly.

An excellent sort of true nosebleeds is money games within Macau, where winning or even losing a couple of million bucks in a program isn’ capital t a big deal.

Enthusiast Nut

You’ re most likely familiar with the word “ the particular nuts” which is often used to describe the perfect poker turn in a given scenario.

The term “ nut nut” is the following level, although, as it is the particular hand that’ s both nuts as well as the one that includes a chance to enhance even further in order to even better nut products.

For example , you might have a flopped nut directly with a attract to the most effective flush. If so, you have exactly what poker gamers like to contact “ enthusiast nut. ”



Another phrase originating from the internet, “ pwned” means just about the same thing because “ owned” – yet it’ t a bit more compared to that.

Once you get “ pwned” this means you were possibly severely outplayed, or the additional player obtained super fortunate.

Either way, the bulk of your own chips is going to be moving throughout the table.



Utilized to describe poor and totally unplayable credit cards.

This means something that has a really small chance of enhancing and should become instantly folded away preflop, like 92o, J3o, etc .

An additional expression you may hear within the same framework is “ napkins. ”


You’ re most likely familiar with the word “ busto”, used every time a player breasts out of the competition or manages to lose all of their cash.

“ Robusto” has the reverse meaning.

This describes somebody who vastly improved their online poker bankroll simply by playing a great deal or simply by winning a large tournament, therefore you’ m say “ from busto to robusto. ”

Athlete Runner

Describes a situation where you had hitting both credit cards on the switch and on the particular river to generate your hand.

For instance , you have 2 clubs you are holding and there’ s just one club in the flop, to make your own flush, you need to hit the club in the turn plus another one in the river.

As a result you have a runner-runner flush attract.



Slang to get pocket fours because the quantity 4 appears similar to the sail.

Established Mining

“ Set mining” is once you call having a (usually small) pocket set with the only intention associated with flopping the particular set.


A “ shark” is definitely someone who understands the game perfectly and makes use of weaker gamers by penalizing them to get mistakes – the exact reverse of a dope.

Most of the time, shark refers to a good professional online poker player.  

The term is usually used in the broader framework too, being a “ cards shark” is definitely someone well-versed in many games, not just online poker.


The “ shill” is a individual who tries to color a (usually false) optimistic picture in regards to a specific item or business.

In the online poker world, “ shill” generally refers to discussion board users whom go out of their own way to warrant certain poker portal and their own actions, providing false tales to try and toss other gamers off monitor.

Sleeper Straddle

A “ sleeper straddle” is a specific kind of straddle (optional sightless bet produced before any kind of cards are usually dealt) and you also won’ capital t find it in numerous games.

The particular “ sleeper” can be published anywhere, any kind of time position, and it also only will become active when there is no activity before everybody folds.


Slang to get pocket eights, as the quantity 8 seems like a snowman. You might also listen to this hands being known as “ octopussy” and “ infinities. ”

Suicide Ruler

Slang for that King associated with Hearts.

In case you look carefully, you’ lmost all notice this particular card describes a ruler with a blade drawn via his center or mind (at minimum in most regular decks).

The word was also made famous thanks to the popular book “ The Teacher, The Bank, and the Committing suicide King, ” which identifies high stakes online games that online poker elites (“ The Corporation” ) performed against the rich banker Andy Beal.

Poker Terms And Slang 5

Capital t


Describes a player who will be thinking plus taking period before making a choice. The name originates from “ period bank. ”

You’ lmost all often notice players tanking when they’ re confronted with a big wager on the switch or the water where their own decision may have a substantial monetary impact.


Walking Potato chips

When a gamer has a big stack associated with chips within a tournament plus takes a crack to go walking the competition area, they have got “ strolling chips” simply because they have enough in order to take a walk and skip a few fingers.

Strategically, this particular isn’ capital t a good decision.

The only real time it seems sensible to do this as if you are actively playing in a satellite television (a competition where all of winners obtain the ticket to an additional event) and therefore are guaranteed the win due to your substantial stack.

Yet even after that, sticking at the table is sensible as you find out what will show up.


In order to whiff way to miss completely on your attract. It’ t just another phrase for losing out on the card you require.

When you contact a wager from an additional player keeping a get rid of draw, for instance , but the switch card doesn’ t assist you to at all, you’ ve whiffed.