Top 10 worst hotels in Las Vegas

Top 10 worst hotels in Las Vegas 1

You are certainly familiar with Las Vegas – the city of glitz, glamor and gambling. Las Vegas is a city of contrasts, incredible entertainment and exhilarating excitement. The image of the famous Las Vegas Strip with its endless lights, Elvis impersonators and couples marrying under the influence of fun probably flickers in your mind.

It is also home to many hotels on this legendary strip, like a collection of rare gems. It attracts millions of visitors every year, thanks to its top-notch casinos and the experiences offered. Although, to be honest, not all of them can boast of luxury and exciting atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the 10 worst hotels in Las Vegas that you should avoid so that your trip is not marred by an unpleasant experience.

Top 10 worst hotels

In fact, Las Vegas is not exclusively a magical place where every sparkle is considered gold. There are quite a few worst hotels to stay in Las Vegas present in it. All of the hotels mentioned in this article have received Las Vegas hotel ratings of 2.5 stars and below. Honestly, you should probably consider playing at an online casino rather than staying at one of these places. Here are the Las Vegas hotels ranked best to worst that can be found in it’s diverse city. This review is based on ratings and comments collected from popular online hotel review platforms.

Top 10 worst hotels in Las Vegas 2

  • 1. Circus Circus

Opened back in 1968, Circus Circus Circus has endured for many years due to its absurd theme. However, despite its longevity, the Manor Motor Lodge, located within Circus Circus, has become one of the worst hotels in Vegas. Old televisions, kids, and bedbugs are not the full list of problems you may encounter when you choose it for your overnight stay.

Circus Circus, once considered a family-friendly hotel with a unique circus atmosphere, is facing criticism due to safety and maintenance issues. Broken furniture and old technology make it unappealing to modern guests looking for comfort and style.

  • 2. Siegel Suites

Siegel Suites, often seen as a last chance for those in need of cheap monthly lodging, offers a weekly retreat for a sum seemingly affordable to all. Specializing in providing lodging for a low cost, it faces constant complaints of terrible customer service and insects.

Visitors often complain about crime in the neighborhood and lack of security in the building itself. All of the above make it the worst hotels in Las Vegas for a decent stay.

  • 3. Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

Once known for hosting the World Series of Poker, the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino has now become a symbol of decay. From long check-in lines and dirty rooms to loud robberies, it is far from the ideal for a comfortable Las Vegas vacation. Some guests even share scary stories of robberies, making it even less appealing to those looking for a quiet and safe vacation.

  • 4. STRAT Hotel, Casino, and SkyPod

STRAT, while offering its guests a unique experience in the SkyPod tower, faces outrage from visitors due to dirty rooms, lack of air conditioning in the heat, and problems with indoor attractions that often malfunction.

  • 5. Flamingo

Flamingo, though conveniently located on the Las Vegas Strip, raises excitement among visitors due to cigarette smoke, inflated prices and extra charges for services that can cripple your budget without bringing proper comfort. Visitors complain about extra charges and inconveniences that make the stay at this hotel less enjoyable and favorable, and is the 5 worst hotels in Vegas.

  • 6. Casino Royale Hotel and Casino

Casino Royale, formerly a low-roller attraction, is now a shadow of its past. Evidence of cockroaches, filth and security issues make it a less attractive place for those looking for a quiet and safe haven. Casino Royale, which used to attract low budget visitors, it now seems to have lost its charm and its status as a low cost accommodation option is now in doubt. This is how it now ranks among the worst hotels in Las Vegas.

  • 7. Luxor

The Luxor Pyramid beckons with its unique design, but its old-fashioned elevators and outdated room amenities make it less appealing to guests accustomed to modern comforts. The lack of essential amenities such as USB outlets becomes a problem for modern travelers and make this hotel one of the Las Vegas worst hotels.

  • 8. Excalibur

Excalibur, once the largest hotel in the world, is now known for its bad reputation. From dirty air conditioners and clogged toilets to stinky odors, it loses its medieval castle luster and becomes a dirty and unsightly haven. All of it makes this place the worst hotel in Las Vegas to stay in.

  • 9. Palms Casino Resort

Palms Casino Resort, despite good overall reviews, faces problems due to rude staff and unreliable solutions. Hidden fees and customer service issues make it the worst Las Vegas hotels for guests looking for a reliable and comfortable vacation.

  • 10. Tropicana

The Tropicana was the epitome of luxury and one of the oldest hotels on the Strip. The Tropicana, despite its affiliation with the Hilton hotel chain, doesn’t always live up to the brand’s high standards. Contaminated filters and customer service problems make it one of the worst hotels on Vegas strip.

Tropicana las Vegas

Final thoughts on the worst hotels

When choosing a place to stay in Las Vegas, you should be aware of what is the worst hotel in Las Vegas. Try to avoid these ten hotels so that your trip does not turn into a nightmare. Each hotel’s reputation, based on guest reviews, is indicative of the problems that can ruin your experience in Sin City. Remember to choose carefully, and maybe next time you can avoid unpleasant surprises from the top 5 worst hotels in Vegas associated with staying at these hotels.