Zombie: Slot Overview

WinPort 50 free spins

Since the first movies about the undead appeared on movie screens, Zombies slot rtp have fascinated humanity. Not surprisingly, characters with helpless bodies quickly penetrated the gambling world, and today we present one of the most famous Triple PG slots with post-apocalyptic themes. 

Zombie Slot Data

Min Bet$0.2 (USD)
Max Bet$200 (USD)
Top Winx1000

An Overview of the Rules, Settings and Features

Zombies slot machine game is an original game in the style of the Far East, which will appeal to all fans of post-apocalyptic themes in gambling. Released in 2019, the machine is considered one of the best in terms of visual performance among the products of Triple Profit Games, while the developer has taken care of both the quality of execution of the reels and detailed drawing of all symbols, as well as the selection of harmonious, pleasant to the eye and also quite bright colors. 

Occasionally appearing on the screen, animated Zombies slot machine casino make the game dynamic and original. This is a new level of "gaming bandits," which will appeal to fans of the dynamic, colorful, and intense game, where the excitement is mixed with humor, risk, and a touch of horror.

The playing field, consisting of 5 reels and 25 lines, is located in the background of the Chinese house of bamboo. The whole game process is intuitive. In addition, the developers have not forgotten about a few funny moments that are sure to make the player laugh, and can even scare a little.


The game screen is a standard matrix on which appear the usual symbols, each of which is assigned a specific value:

  • yin and yang;
  • a set of banners;
  • bracelets;
  • shoes;
  • whip;
  • bell;
  • spear.

The symbols with the lowest value most often appear on the pay line, and conversely, the symbols with the highest value least often appear on the pay line. The biggest winnings can be obtained with a small bell, and a whip brings good profits.

When rotating, the reels can appear as special characters that can activate the free spins. The minigame symbol opens access to the bonus level if two hits in a row.

Another famous symbol that players are hunting for is Free Spin. It allows you to win five free spins. In addition, the "one-armed bandit" is available to scatter and play in automatic mode. Moreover, you can play the slot from both the computer and mobile devices, and among its other advantages stand out the following:

  • availability of free and re-spins;
  • availability of a variety of pay lines;
  • ability to make large bets;
  • introduction of the scatter symbol.

Each of the five reels in Zombie Slot, created by talented developers Triple PG, can be set from 2.50 euros. But the maximum bet allowed in this machine is impressive and is 1000 euros, which is excellent news for those dreaming of big winnings. 

The good news is also numerous booster features, among which the most popular is doubling the results of each round with a minimum of 5 euros and a maximum of 2,000 euros for each spin. Unfortunately, finding this machine's maximum winnings was impossible because the developers kept it a secret.

And last, but essential for both experienced and novice players. In terms of volatility, that is, willingness to pay, the slot looks quite good - the machine has average volatility, and RTP is only 94.3%, which is a relatively low value. Nevertheless, the original design, straightforward bonuses, and the possibility of large winnings make Zombie from Triple PG quite popular.


This slot will appeal to those who expect high winnings, so we recommend it first for high rollers. Both beginners and experienced players will like a variety of booster features, but the RTP in the game could be higher.

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So, you've decided to play Zombies slot machine, but you're still unsure. Our answers to the most frequent questions of players will help you make a final decision.

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