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Do you want to get more out of playing at WinPort. The casino has many exciting features, among which the VIP casino WinPort stands out, including bonuses and other privileges. Experienced players can enjoy even more enjoyable and exciting gameplay.

How Does VIP Program Work

At WinPort, all players, according to their experience and skills, are divided into eight classes, each providing them with exciting privileges. Beginner players are just Nomads in the world of gambling. With each new bet, they get closer to the ultimate goal - getting the status of a Master.

So, to get VIP club casino WinPort, you need to stick to the most straightforward formula possible: play more, make more deposits and pay out the winnings.

It should be noted that some details about obtaining high-status VIP online casino WinPort members are not published on the casino website and, judging by reviews, are sent privately after gamblers receive a personal manager. However, it is known that players who participate in the loyalty program get access to the following: 

  • general and personal cashback;
  • the maximum rate with an active bonus;
  • personal manager.

Even if you plan to play at WinPort Casino from time to time, it is worth taking part in the loyalty program. It doesn't cost much, but the WinPort VIP casino review status dramatically increases your chances of winning.


Reasons To Get VIP Status

Players get access to more privileges and opportunities by going to higher and higher levels at WinPort Casino. So, what additional bonuses and other perks can players get at the portal, and what statuses can they be awarded? 

Those who have only recently joined the loyalty program are awarded the titles Curious Nomad and Hardened Adventurer. At this stage, players have the opportunity to earn 35% cashback every day.

When the player is awarded the title of Experienced Ranger, rewards at the next level are more pleasant and diverse. So, gamers can count on the maximum bet with an active bonus increased to $20, as well as a daily cashback of 35%. If there are questions for the casino managers, users at this level get priority over users from the previous level.

Upon reaching the Fearless Wayfarer level, the player gets access to WinPort VIP casino no deposit bonus assistance, their maximum bet with an active bonus increases to $30, and the daily cashback increases to 40%.

The next level is Restless Conqueror. The maximum bet with an active bonus is $40. The cashback becomes personal. The manager is assigned, and the personal deposit bonus helps to increase winnings.


A little more, and the player turns into an Omnipresent Wanderer, for which the bonuses of the previous level are preserved. In contrast, the weekly cashback increases to 5%, and the maximum bet with an active bonus becomes unlimited.

The player is just a step away from the highest level in WinPort Casino. He can ask for help from a personal VIP manager and enjoy a personal deposit bonus. There are several benefits, including a weekly cashback and a cashback of 5% paid once a month.

The Multiverse Master is the WinPort casino VIP room program's most coveted and highest level. Players who reach this level enjoy exclusive privileges and retain their previous level, such as the support of their VIP Manager. In addition, such players are assigned a daily cashback and deposit bonus, which is not disclosed to the casino or the players. Among other benefits:

  • weekly cashback of 10%;
  • monthly cashback of 10%;
  • unlimited maximum rate with an active bonus.

As you can see, the benefits of participating in WinPort Casino's VIP program are awe-inspiring. By improving your level day by day, everyone has a chance to become a Master of the Multiverse and get big winnings even with minimal bets.

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